Bedroom Colour Psychology: Choosing Hues for a Relaxing Ambience

Author: Manchester Collection  Date Posted:4 April 2024 

Have you ever walked into a bedroom and instantly felt calmer? Perhaps more energised? There's no magic at play here, just the power of carefully chosen bedroom wall colour meticulously coordinated with the bedding, pillowcases, and accents.

A bedroom with a bed, open windows, and light bedroom wall colours.

The colours that envelop us wield a significant influence over our mood and overall health. When it comes to your personal sanctuary - the bedroom - choosing the right colour is not merely about aesthetics but about designing the perfect environment that’s conducive to quality sleep. So let’s discuss the bedroom wall colours that can help you create a calm and serene atmosphere and how you can coordinate them with the other items in your bedroom.

The Impact of Bedroom Colours on Sleep Quality

Ever wondered why some nights you sleep like a baby, while others have you tossing and turning? Believe it or not, your bedroom colour might be the culprit. While the colour palette of your bedroom is one of the many factors that can affect sleep quality, it is the first and primary step to creating a relaxing bedroom environmentFor instance, neutral colours aren't just about playing it safe but have a secret power - promoting better sleep. Shades like beige, grey, taupe, and off-white create a calming atmosphere that whispers to your brain - it's time to wind down. 

Cool colours are also a great choice for snooze-friendly bedrooms. Think serene blues, gentle greens, and soft purples. The enchantment of blue hues lies in their power to decrease heart rate and soothe respiration, crafting an ideal realm for nocturnal escapades. In essence, if sweet dreams are what you’re after - consider giving your bedroom a neutral- or cool-colour makeover. Your night’s sleep might just get an instant upgrade.

Creating a Calming Ambience with Bedroom Paint Choices

Transforming your bedroom into a sanctuary starts with the right paint colour. So let’s dive into the many different shades that could be the right fit for your bedroom and let’s start with the aforementioned neutral and cool colours.

  • Pure white: There's just something about pure white bedrooms that whispers tranquillity. It’s clean, fresh, and airy - turning your bedroom into a cloud you can actually sleep on.  And layering whites? That's where the magic happens.
  • Light grey: If pure white is too stark and you're looking for warmth without the weight, light grey steps in as the hero. It balances cool sophistication with cozy comfort effortlessly. Whether it leans towards blue or green undertones, light grey adapts, making your personal space both inviting and endlessly chic.
  • Warm white: Warm white shades, think cream or vanilla, give off a soft glow and could be the ideal choice if neither pure white nor light grey works for you. They make your space feel cosy yet open, inviting restful vibes as you wind down.
  • Blue-green: This hue mirrors nature - calming like the ocean and refreshing like the sky. Pale blue-greens, in particular, add serene beauty to any bedroom without overwhelming it.
  • Powder Blue: Similar to pale blue-greens, powder blue evokes a sense of serenity and tranquillity. It's a subtle colour that can help create a peaceful ambience, perfect for aiding sleep.
  • Soft Grey-Blue: Combining the calming effects of both grey and blue, a soft grey-blue hue can create the perfect sleeping atmosphere you are looking for in a bedroom. It's subtle yet sophisticated, perfect for unwinding at the end of the day.
  • Sage green: Sage green has been all the rage for its muted elegance and soothing properties. It’s not just about being trendy because green hues offer an organic vibe, making your personal space feel grounded and calm.
  • Lavender: Stepping into a lavender-themed bedroom transcends mere space - it becomes your sanctuary of calm. The colour lavishes your room in a kind of tenderness unmatched, its muted purple tones serenading the walls with whispers of tranquillity. Think calming yet sophisticated -  perfect for unwinding after those long days.
  • Soft Beige: Beige is often associated with warmth and relaxation. A soft beige tone can create a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom, promoting a sense of security and calmness.
  • Muted Peach: Peach tones can add a touch of warmth and softness to the bedroom. Muted peach shades are gentle on the eyes and can create a comforting environment conducive to restful sleep.
  • Pale Yellow: Soft, pastel yellows can bring a sunny, cheerful vibe to the bedroom without being too stimulating. They can evoke feelings of happiness and relaxation, making them a great choice for promoting a peaceful sleep environment.

Incorporating Darker Shades into Your Bedroom Palette

A bedroom with dark bedroom wall colours at sunset.

Think darker shades in your bedroom are too bold? Think again. Darker tones might just be what your bedroom needs to dial up the coziness factor while keeping things stylishly on point.

  • Black: Gone are the days when black walls were a no-go. A matte or satin finish makes for an intimate vibe that’s surprisingly calming. Imagine pairing it with white trim and bedding for a restful balance.
  • Rich charcoal: If pure black feels too intense, meet its softer cousin – rich charcoal. Delving into this deep grey shade introduces an air of sophistication while still keeping things cozy and comfortable. Crafting a serene canvas, it seamlessly melds with the sharpness of whites or the lively pop of bold hues.
  • Grey-brown: Last but not least, there's ‘greige’ - where cozy meets chic. Gray-brown hues, straddling the line between warmth and coolness, make any bedroom feel like home sweet home.

Harmonising Wall Colors with Bedding and Pillows

Selecting the right wall colour for your bedroom sets the tone for relaxation, but coupling it with the perfect bedding and pillows can elevate your sleep sanctuary to new heights of tranquillity and comfort. 

Start by considering the colour scheme of your bedding and pillows in conjunction with your chosen wall colour. Aim for a cohesive palette that promotes a sense of harmony and relaxation. For example, if your walls are painted in a soothing powder blue, opt for bedding and pillows in complementary tones like soft whites, pale blues, or gentle greys to create a serene and cohesive look.

Beyond colour, consider the textures and fabrics of your bedding and pillows. A soft, breathable material like Egyptian cotton can enhance the comfort of your sleep environment, promoting better airflow and temperature regulation. Pairing these fabrics with plush pillows and cozy throws can further enhance the feeling of relaxation and luxury. Experiment with layering different textures and patterns to add depth and visual interest to your bedroom design.

Mixing smooth cotton sheets with a textured duvet cover or adding decorative pillows in varying sizes and fabrics can create a sense of luxury and comfort. You can even go beyond the standard cotton linens and pillowcases and try some unique bedding fabrics and textures. Bamboo bedding is as soft as regular cotton and has great moisture-wicking properties, while being eco-friendly. Satin can be a good choice if you like the luxurious feel of it against your skin.

Flannel is a rare choice for bedding, but it can be perfect for cold weather and provide warmth like no other material. The plush, full feel of velvet could also be something that keeps you warm in winter and helps create an atmosphere that helps you sleep. In short, you have a much wider range of options than just cotton. You can also introduce accent pieces such as decorative cushions, throws, or a statement headboard to add personality and visual interest to your sleep space.

These elements can serve as focal points and tie together the overall aesthetic of the room, enhancing its calming ambience. However, while incorporating different colours and textures can add depth to your bedroom design, it’s important to maintain a sense of balance. Avoid overwhelming the space with too many contrasting elements and instead aim for a cohesive and tranquil environment that promotes relaxation and restful sleep.

By carefully coordinating your bedroom wall colours with your bedding and pillows, you can create a harmonious and inviting sleep sanctuary that promotes optimal relaxation and rejuvenation. Experiment with different combinations until you find the perfect balance that suits your personal style and enhances your sleep quality.

Getting the Perfect Linens for Any Bedroom

So, there we have it - the power of bedroom wall colour isn't just a myth. From the serene whispers of lavender to the deep embrace of charcoal, every hue holds the key to unlocking better sleep. And let’s not forget those who find peace in the simplicity of warm white or the muted comfort of light grey. Journeying through every hue, we've discovered the power each possesses in transforming our sleeping spaces into sanctuaries of calm. It turns out that achieving that elusive perfect night's sleep might be as simple as picking up a paintbrush. And combining it with the perfect bedding. 

That’s where Manchester Collection can help. Once you have chosen your bedroom wall colour, we have everything else you need to get to that ideal perfect colour palette. From bed sheets to quilt covers to pillowcases, our range includes all the colour, fabric, and texture combinations you could think of. And once you have designed your perfect bedroom, simply place your order online and we will deliver your order to your address. Who knows, maybe you’ll find that perfect, restful sleep you've been searching for as soon as tomorrow night? We hope you do!


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