Super King Quilt Covers

Is a super king quilt cover bigger than a king quilt cover?

Yes, the Super King quilt is larger than the King size quilt by about 30cm length and width wise.

What size is the super king quilt cover?

Super King Quilt Cover Size - 270cm x 240cm

How to know if I have a super king quilt cover?

Let’s check the measurement of all quilt cover sizes:

  • Double Quilt Cover Size - 180cm x 210cm
  • Queen Quilt Cover Size - 210cm x 210cm
  • King Quilt Cover Size - 245cm x 210cm
  • Super King Quilt Cover Size - 270cm x 240cm

So, If your quilt cover is bigger than 260 x 230cm, it’s definately super king size.


How To Choose Your Ideal Super King Quilt Cover

  1. Look at the Thread Count - A super king quilt cover with a higher thread count will feel softer against your skin. But, you would want quilt covers with lower thread counts for warmer days.
  2. Check out the product specification for fabric used - Velvet cover will be smooth and luxurious, bamboo will be hypoallergenic, 100% cotton is the timeless choice and polyester types will last for ages. 
  3. Find Your Favourite Design - Quilt coverscome in a wide variety of colours, patterns, and designs. 

Can a super king quilt go on a king-sized bed?

Yes, a super king quilt cover is perfectly suited to a king-sized bed. The larger size will allow the ends to drape over the side of your bed, creating both an appealing look and preventing drafts while you sleep.


Will a super king quilt cover match a king quilt?

No, and typically it’s not recommended to use a super king quilt cover for a king quilt. Due to the larger size, you will not get the snugness you get if you were to use the appropriate quilt size.