Thread count denotes how many threads per sq cm have been used in the construction of the fabric.

Standard quality - Below 180thc
Great quality - 180thc to 400thc
Absolute luxury - Above 400thc 

Generally, sheets with higher thread count are softer and more luxurious to touch, and attract a higher price point.

Lower thread counts like 250thc percales and 400thc Egyptian cotton percales are crisp and cool. Higher thread counts such as 600thc and 1000thc sateens are softer, heavier and more luxurious. We carry a range of thread counts from 225 to 1000.

Pillowtop mattress toppers and underlays are in fact the same thing. They provide a layer of luxurious padding to help relieve pressure points and enhance the quality of your sleep. Our wide range include microfibre and wool, and the fully fitted styles will suit even the deepest of mattresses.

Hilton Deluxe Cluster Puff Mattress Toppers are filled with 750GSM of microfibre and have a brushed soft cotton casing. Cluster puff construction creates a pillow-top effect on top of your current mattress, and feels like you are sleeping on down with the added benefit of being machine washable.

Woolstar Ultimate Double Fleece Wool Underlay features 100% Nue Australian 550GSM, 'ultra fresh' treated wool fleece. Finished in a luxuriously soft cotton sateen fabric casing, it is machine washable. The 40cm fully fitted skirt allows for use on pillowtop mattresses, and provides the added benefit of being reversible for ultimate warmth in winter and coolness in summer.

To prolong the life of your topper and avoid regular laundering, always use a mattress protector on top of your mattress topper or underlay.

Herington ExcelFibre Quilt is a low allergy quilt with a 350GSM Excelfibre fill weight. A sensitive choice quilt with breathable synthetic fibre, it offers all year round comfort with a 250 thread count percale cotton cover. It's machine washable and Australian made.

Woolstar Ultimate Quilt is filled with 550GSM Australian merino wool. Also available in an All Seasons (2 in 1 quilt), giving you ultimate flexibility and tailor-made comfort for both winter and summer. It has a 300 thread count cotton sateen cover, 'Ultra Fresh' treated for dust mite protection and allergy sufferers and it's machine washable and Australian made.

Puradown Goosedown Quilts are filled with 80% goosedown and are also available in All Seasons (2 in 1 quilt). All offer a cassette/box wall construction for 'non movement'. These quilts are warm without the weight and can be best described as soft and luxurious. Extremely durable and can be washed and/or dry cleaned. Goosedown has now become the number one choice for all leading 5-star hotels.

Nightstar Cotton Quilt is filled with 100% cotton weighing just 275gsm. This quilt is light and cool for the warmer months of the year as it contains no polyester. Made of natural fibres, it is low allergy and has a cotton casing. It's machine washable and also Australian made.

Herington ExcelFibre Gusset Pillows are low allergy. Four styles to choose from - High/Firm, High/Soft, Low/ Firm, Low/Soft. The fibre used for filling is premium grade ExcelFibre which has a great resilience to not going flat. This pillow comes with the added benefit of a 250 thread count cotton cover and is machine washable and Australian Made.

Bianca Sleep Easy Latex Pillows are constructed from Talalay latex which is durable and breathable. Available in High, Medium, Soft, Contour and Kids, the Sleep Easy pillows provide support to correct sleeping posture. They also have a high quality cotton velour removable cover.

Therapeutic Memory Foam Pillows offer incredible support for the neck and back. Different styles cater for different sleeping positions and all are available with removable and washable covers.

Puradown Feather and Down Pillows come in 3 styles - 80% goosedown, 80% duckdown and 50% duckdown. They are considered to be the ultimate luxury in pillows promoting good health and superior comfort. They are Australian made.