Cushions are the perfect home accessory to complement or contrast your interior design, adding the finishing touch to the décor of every living space and bedroom. These decorative pillows add a feeling of comfort and softness whilst emphasising your individual sense of style and personality.

Explore our extensive range of beautifully individual designs, including the latest season styles and trends that will refresh and invigorate your living space. Or, if it’s a classic and timeless style you want, our elegant collection will effortlessly last through the seasons. Our range offers a huge variety of styles, a vast colour palette, a plethora of textures and an abundance of designs that you can easily coordinate and harmonise with your décor or mix and match sizes, colours and textures for an eclectic aesthetic. 

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3 Steps for Finding Your Ideal Cushion

  1. Choose Your Favourite Fabric

First, you need to decide what type of material you like the most. You can choose between:

100% Cotton Cushions

Cotton cushions are the traditional choice, for good reason. They are known for their natural and breathable properties and provide a comfortable and soft feel. Cotton's absorbent nature ensures effective moisture wicking, contributing to a cool and cozy experience. Additionally, the material's hypoallergenic qualities make it suitable for individuals with sensitivities. To top it off, 100% cotton cushions are environmentally friendly because they are biodegradable and renewable sourced. Cotton cushions are a versatile and timeless choice.

Velvet Cushions

If you are looking for something more opulent, velvet cushions might be for you. Velvet cushions are crafted from soft and densely woven tufted fabric and are characterized by a luxurious and plush texture. Velvet's unique sheen adds a touch of glamour, while its rich, deep colours contribute to an elegant aesthetic. Velvet cushions are ideal for creating a cozy and lavish atmosphere. While they may require proper care to maintain their appearance, velvet cushions are a timeless choice if you are seeking both style and comfort.

Bouclé Cushions

Bouclé is a fabric characterized by its looped or curled yarns which create a textured and often nubby or knobby appearance. This gives bouclé cushions a distinctive and tactile texture that can add visual interest and a cozy feel to your furniture. With a nod to contemporary trends, bouclé cushions seamlessly integrate into modern interiors. Their versatility extends to various settings, offering a touch of sophistication while maintaining a comfortable and relaxed ambience. Overall, bouclé cushions combine style and comfort harmoniously.

Canvas Fabric Cushions

Canvas cushions prioritize durability over everything else, making them an ideal choice for outdoor furniture (or to take with you when going to the beach or a picnic). The heavy-duty plain weave construction of canvas provides a sturdy and robust texture, making these cushions resilient to wear and tear. However, that does not make them only outdoor cushions. Canvas fabric cushions can contribute to a casual and relaxed indoor aesthetic, making them suitable for a range of interior styles. Whether used indoors or outdoors, canvas fabric cushions provide a balance of functionality, durability, and a laid-back charm to all spaces.

  1. Select the Design

Second, pick the design you like the most. Our range includes cushions with all types of designs and patterns and they come in many colour palettes so you should have no trouble finding a few you love. However, if you are looking for truly unique cushions, check out our:

  • Beaded Cushions - handcrafted by Indian artisans, our beaded cushions can be the perfect addition of class and style to your home decor.
  • Abstract Cushions - if you are looking to add a touch of modern artistry to your home, these abstract cushions could be the perfect choice.
  • Coastal Cushions - this design is inspired by coastal themes, so if you wish to take the beach and sea wherever you go, think of getting coastal cushions.
  • City-Inspired Cushions - this range is inspired by the great classical metropolises of the world, like London and Paris. These city-inspired cushions are ideal for travellers and anyone who loves iconic design elements. 
  1. Pick Your Prefered Shape

Finally, you need to decide on the shape. We offer:

  • Square cushions - these cushions come in the standard dimensions of 45cm x 45cm or 50cm x 50cm. 
  • Oblong cushions - you can also get oblong cushions if you are searching for something a little different.
  • Round cushions - don’t like squares or rectangles? Then check out our selection of round cushions.

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