Deep Fitted Sheets

What is Considered a Deep Fitted Sheet?

A deep fitted sheet is the bed sheet designed to fit mattresses that are thicker than standard sizes, typically measuring between 33 to 43 cm in depth.

They ensure a snug, secure fit on deep mattresses, preventing the sheet from slipping off during the night.


What is an Extra Deep Fitted Sheet?

An extra deep fitted sheet is made for exceptionally thick mattresses or mattresses with toppers, usually accommodating depths of 46 cm or more.

They provide ample fabric to cover the additional height comfortably.


What is a Double Deep Fitted Sheet?

A double deep fitted sheet, less commonly referenced, implies an even greater depth than standard deep fitted sheets,

designed to fit extremely thick mattresses or multiple mattress toppers.

hese sheets might cater to depths beyond 51 cm, so sometimes extra deep fitted sheet can be used on beds like these.


What are Deep Wall Fitted Sheets?

Deep wall fitted sheets are synonymous with deep fitted sheets, designed to cover mattresses with significant height due to extra padding, toppers, or built-in cushioning.

They typically accommodate mattresses 33cm to 46cm.


What are Deep Pocket Fitted Sheets?

Deep pocket fitted sheets are designed to fit over mattresses that are thicker than average, generally accommodating mattresses from 33cm to 46cm, like deep fitted sheet and deep wall fitted sheet. So, another synonym.


What are Sizes for Queen and King Deep Fitted Sheets?

  • Queen Deep Fitted Sheets typically measure 152 x 203 cm, with depths ranging from 33 to 46 cm or more for extra deep versions.
  • King Deep Fitted Sheets usually measure 193 x 203 cm for a standard king, with the same range of depths as queen-sized to accommodate thicker mattresses.


What is the Difference Between Fitted and Deep Fitted Sheets?

The primary difference lies in the depth of the mattress they are designed to cover.

Standard fitted sheets are made for mattresses up to 33 cm deep, whereas deep fitted sheets cover mattresses from 33 cm in depth, providing extra fabric to handle additional mattress thickness without slipping off.