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Choosing a Style for your Bedroom

The beginning of your bedroom inspiration starts with choosing a beautiful Quilt Cover that will become the focal point of the space, leading the theme, colour scheme and accessories of your décor. With all your bed linen needs covered, we have something for everyone; from high thread count classic white linen, contemporary trendy prints to romantic florals and embroidery. Decide on a theme that not only suits the living space but will reflect the look, feel and style you want in you home – after all, home is where the heart is so you should love it. Aside from repainting your walls and changing your whole décor, adding a fresh coloured Quilt Cover provides an affordable, instant seasonal update. Find some inspiration from the lexdeco or houseology style guides.


Colour is one of the most important elements to any home interior in helping to create the desired mood and ambience of a living space, and as the focal point of most bedrooms, the Quilt Cover is the key place to start.  As the colour and style of your quilt cover can strongly influence how you decorate the rest of the room, consider the colour palette and overall aesthetic style you want to achieve. Classic white and neutral tonal hues create a serene, calm sleeping space that can be styled in a contemporary or traditional way depending on the design. The monochrome palettes of our HoteLuxe range with stitching detail available in 5 colourways, can evoke a modern luxury, hotel style. The emotive effect of colours is a key factor for you to consider, for example the use beige, blues, greys and monochrome colour schemes having a cooling effect in contrast to the warming effect of orange, yellow and pink colours. For a fresh, youthful aesthetic use combinations of 2 or more pops of colour.  If you want colour to be a bold theme, create a striking statement of block bright colours paired down with neutral sheets and tonal cushions to add balance.

Prints and patterns

Introducing a subtle pattern or statement bold print to a Quilt Cover is an easy way to create visual interest and appeal to a bedroom, reflecting your unique, individual style.  Are you more of a subtle, minimalist design lover or do you enjoy injecting your personality through unique pattern designs and statement colour combinations? For a bold aesthetic consider a brightly, colourful geometric print or stripe that can create an eye-catching modern style. A top tip to keeping prints looking fresh and avoid overbearing the visual aesthetic is to combine solid colours into the bedding such as the sheets, pillows and cushions. If a feminine feel is more your thing, a pretty dainty, floral can evoke a romantic, countryside feel.  Alternatively, a tonal pattern can offer a sophisticated and elegant way to add pattern to your décor that is going to last through the seasons. If it is a subtle, refined look you want, Bellevue Living’s intricately Quilted Quilt Covers are the perfect range for you giving a beautiful, hand-crafted feel that’s all about the high detail finish.

Accessorise to complete the look

Once you’ve chosen your Quilt Cover, check out our home Décor Cushions and Throw Rugs to find the perfect super stylish accessory to compliment or coordinate your new quilt cover and complete your bedroom look. Create your own unique bedroom space through your individual combination of colours, textures and patterns. Many of our Quilt Cover Sets have matching European pillowcases available, which is ideal if you like to keep extra sets of pillowcases to rotate for long-lasting freshness and quality. Or shop our range of individual pillowcases to mix and match styles.

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