Why Upsize To Super King Quilt For A King Mattress?

Why Upsize To Super King Quilt For A King Mattress? main image

If you have a King mattress, then we highly recommend upsizing to a Super King quilt. It will help you enjoy a more comfortable sleep. Firstly what’s Super King? It’s the largest possible bedding size available in Australia. There’s nothing bigger —thus, if you’re looking for the largest quilt, Super King should be your choice.

Let’s give you a clear picture of the differences by going through the measurements of each.
King Size bed —usually the largest standard bed size in Australia. And it’s dimensions are 183cm x 203cm
King Size quilt —measures at 245cm x 210cm
Super King bed —typically measures at 270cm x 240cm

As you can see, the Super King quilt is larger than the King size by about 30cm length and width wise. This will give an extra approx. 15cm on each side —which will make a big difference to your comfort levels! It also gives an optimal amount of length on each side for a made-up bed that will make it look sleek and modern.

Benefits Of Upsizing

In most cases —if you’re unsure which way to go —upsize. It will provide many benefits! Choosing one size up from your bed mattress will give you a calmer and more relaxed sleep. Here are a few more advantages.

  • Greater warmth during the night with a more substantial quilt cover. The heavier weight will prevent cool air from entering.
  • The extra width of the quilt in relation to the mattress allows for greater overhang. Creating a luxurious appearance with a lengthier drape.
  • Gives you more options when it comes to styling your bedding.For a super sleek look, it will allow you to tuck the edges of your quilt under your mattress.
  • If sharing your bed with a partner, upsizing ensures there’s plenty of quilt for everyone.

Tip For Super King Quilts

Now that you’ve decided to choose a Super King quilt, there’s something to keep in mind. It also depends on your personal preference. Typically the greater the size of the quilt, the greater its weight. So pay close attention to the quilt filling if you don’t like it to be too heavy. The most popular varieties for Super King tend to be down quilts or mid filling quilts for this reason. Given the larger size, warm air pockets are easily trapped in the quilt providing great warmth. Disregarding the need for heavy quilts (i.e. 600gsm wool quilt) to provide extra warmth, unless you prefer a heavy blanket.

Have we got you excited about the Super King size? Then take a look at our wide range of quality pieces, all available in the Super King Size.

Super King Quilts

We offer a variety of quilts to ensure all-year-round warmth & comfort. During the summer months, when we seek breathability & lightness —our 100% cotton cover and filling quilt is perfection. For those cool winter nights, we've got a few options for you. If you're looking for warmth & comfort without heaviness, our range of goose and duck down quilt will impress. While, for those that prefer a weightier blanket that provides plenty of warmth and comfort, we recommend our range of wool quilts.

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