6 Silk Pillowcases Benefits

Author: Manchester Collection  Date Posted:28 October 2022 

Want to know the benefits of using a silk pillowcase? We've compiled a list of the top 6 benefits of using a silk pillowcase. Read on to learn more!

Everybody knows how important a good night’s sleep is. There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new day. But have you ever wondered what affects the quality of your sleep?

While most people say that the most important factors are your bed and the pillow you use, they often disregard the importance of a good pillowcase. And even though you can technically opt for any sort of pillowcase, not all of them will provide you with the same benefits.

And there isn’t a material out there that provides more benefits than silk. Let’s see why.


Silk pillowcases are great for your skin

Most of us have experienced the issues a bad pillowcase can cause to our skin, and if you’re after a pillowcase that will benefit your skin, look no further than silk.

With silk pillowcases, you will get:

●      Fewer wrinkles. The creases you get when you sleep are caused by your pillowcase, and not only does it take forever for them to disappear, but they can also cause permanent wrinkles. But since silk is a smooth fabric and doesn’t stiffen, you won’t get those annoying creases or wrinkles that follow.

●      Acne prevention. One of the many qualities of silk is that it’s moisture wicking (more on this later), and what that means is that it won’t pick up dirt as easily as cotton, for example. So with a good skincare routine and a silk pillowcase, your acne will clear out in no time.

●      Less irritation and inflammation. Since silk is such a smooth fabric, you don’t have to worry about all of that annoying irritation and inflammation that comes from sleeping on a rougher fabric.

●      Hydrated skin. If you have a nighttime skincare routine and sleep on a cotton pillowcase, you should know that those expensive creams and oils are transferring from your face to your pillow. But since silk repels moisture, it won’t suck up all of those products and your face will stay beautiful and hydrated.

●      Help after a sunburn. If you’re suffering from sunburn, the last thing you want is to sleep on a rough and scratchy fabric. A soft and smooth silk pillowcase will provide you with the softness your skin needs and the natural cooling properties will help you heal much faster.


There are benefits for your hair, too

Pink silk pillowcase from Manchester Collection

A bad hair day always starts the same way. You wake up, take one look in the mirror, and see a head full of frizzy hair with tangles. The issue here isn’t always tossing and turning in your sleep. Often, the problem is caused by your pillowcase.

The smooth texture of silk helps your hair in more than just one way. Not only will it get rid of that annoying frizz and unmanageable tangles, but it will also cause your hair to have less breakage and give you beautiful and glossy hair. Friction causes more split ends and breakage than people realize.

And if you have curly or wavy hair, your silk pillowcase will be your new best friend since it will keep your natural curls and the texture of your hair unharmed and keep frizz away.


You will have a cleaner sleep

While you may think showering and washing your face right before bed will ensure you’re sleeping in a clean and fresh environment, that isn’t the case. People sweat during the night and our faces secrete various oils, so even if you sleep on a fresh pillowcase every night, it will never be 100% clean.

That is, unless you’re sleeping on a silk pillowcase. As we already mentioned, silk is a moisture-wicking fabric and it doesn’t absorb moisture the same way most other fabrics do. That doesn’t mean silk doesn’t get dirty, but it does take more time to get dirty than other fabrics.

But if you want to get all the silk pillowcases benefits, including a cleaner sleep, you need to know how to wash your silk pillowcase properly and do it regularly. This clean sleeping environment also means you’re sleeping on a hypoallergenic pillowcase that isn’t a host for bacteria and dust mites.


Silk is ideal for all seasons

Silk pillowcase from Manchester Collection

We often talk about how different fabrics are best for different seasons, and while there are some fabrics that are better during the winter than summer and vice versa, that isn’t the case for silk. It doesn’t matter what temperature it is, silk will always be a good choice.

One of the properties of silk is that it has the ability to control and reduce hot flushes. So if you run hot while you sleep or it feels like it’s a hundred degrees outside, your silk pillowcase will stay cool and comfortable throughout the entire night. Additionally, silk is non-flammable, which means it won’t heat up while you sleep.

But what about when winter comes around? During the colder months, silk can retain warmth, so you won’t wake up during the night due to those annoying chills.


You will feel the luxury

When we talk about all the silk pillowcases benefits, we often only mention the benefits you get on the outside, but there are some internal benefits so to say. To be more precise, a big benefit you will receive from your silk pillowcases is feeling luxurious every time you go to sleep.

The rich and luxurious feeling you get when you sleep on silk simply can’t be matched with anything else and there is a reason why silk was a status symbol for centuries. The fabric is elegant, luxurious, and fit for royalty, which explains why it’s beloved by kings and queens to this day.

You will feel like you’re sleeping on cloud nine every night and will get that luxurious five-star hotel experience without leaving the comfort of your own bed.



You will save money in the long run

Something that deters a lot of people from purchasing silk pillowcases is the price and thinking that they aren’t worth the money. However, even though they come with a slightly higher price tag than most other pillowcases, buying high-quality silk bedding is actually a good investment.

Silk pillowcases need to be replaced much less often and don’t need to be washed as frequently as most other fabrics. Additionally, silk is a much stronger material than cotton and as long as you take care of your silk pillowcases properly, you will have them for years to come. 


Do silk pillowcases really make a difference?

Navy silk pillowcase

The short answer to this question is an absolute yes. And the long answer is that sleeping on a silk pillowcase will be beneficial for your skin and hair, and it will ensure you’re sleeping in a clean and safe environment. So this investment will help you in the long run.

Don’t let the high price tag of silk pillowcases put you off. In the long run, you will actually save money, and as a bonus, you will always have a good night’s sleep. Is there anything more you can ask for? 

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