Adding Colour To Your Bedroom - Where to Begin!

Adding Colour To Your Bedroom - Where to Begin! main image

Okay, so you want to do a little bit of decorating? You want to add some colour to your bedroom to make it pop, stand out or just be more appealing to be in, but you don’t know where to start?

Well, let’s go through some ways you can add that statement piece or warmth to your place of slumber!

Now you can do this one or more ways, but first maybe start with asking yourself, what colours do you want? Some can actually give off different feelings, so what colour bests suits you?

Blue: light blues can symbolise being cheerful and also can bring on more sleep. Blue offers a sense of calmness.

Yellow: bright, sunny and relaxing, yellow is another cheery colour.

Green: a positive and upbeat colour.

Silver/metallic greys: luxurious and subtle colour.

Orange: warm colour and relaxing.

Purple: a rich colour but also very stimulating.

Red: romantic and rich, but also warm and inviting.

Why not add the bedding into the mix, and transform your space!

Any of these colours could be used in a statement piece in your room or as your choice of quilt cover to make your room pop. A bed with colourful pillows and a colourful quilt cover can increase the look of the room, but if you want to add a little more you can have a lot of fun redecorating.

Popular Quilt Cover sets that invite colour to your bedroom include our Rowan Quilt Cover Set Range, including

Rowan Teal

(very popular at the moment)


Rowan Orange

Rowan Yellow

( but we like to think of it more of a mustard colour)

Why not go for a statement piece of art/print above your bed? An oversized colourful piece really brightens the room, add a plain white quilt cover to complement the art and make it stand out!

If adding a plain white, we love our Hoteluxe 1000 Thread Count Navy range, which are white quilt covers with contrasting embroidery.  Check out the Navy print above the bed.

Colourful pillows and throw rugs can add instant colour to a room and freshes up a plain quilt cover! Or if you want to draw away from your bed, try a colourful lounge chair in the corner of the room or a colour tall boy, bedside tables or any furniture to add something different to the room! Compliment it with white or black to make it your feature piece.

Our velvet cushion range available in square and oblong, along with European Size, can instantly add colour. There simplicity means that they work with a lot bedding choices, and can add sophistication or class instantly.


Try our throw rug to add some colour and texture, check out two popular designs below, instantly adding rich colour to your bedroom.

Want some nature around you while you sleep? Indoor plants will bring nature to you, make your room brighter and can easily fill open spaces!

Or maybe you want to add a splash of paint! How about a feature wall in a solid colour or even some patterned wallpaper to really add a statement to your room!

When picking the right colour or even pattern for your room or the right piece, take your time. Shop around and research the best option for you! If you love colour, even try something preppy eclectic, mix match colours, have some patterns, solid colours or go modern and stick to one colour or one statement piece.

There are no rules to what you can do, the interior deco world is your oyster! Start shopping and start getting a feel for what you like. Even research colours so you can understand what they mean and how they can impact your feelings for the room because after all, it will be the first thing you see when you wake up!


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