Low-Cost Ideas That Will Make Your Home Luxurious

Low-Cost Ideas That Will Make Your Home Luxurious main image

Whether you're thinking of selling or in need of a change — it's time for a spruce up! Breathe new life into your interiors and make your house appear more luxurious. You don't need to spend riches — you need to be smarter and pay close attention to details. Here are a few simple tips to elevate the luxury factor in your home. These can be fun DIY projects that you can fit into a weekend. Let us know how it goes!

1. Update your Window Coverings

Ceiling-to-floor window drapes represent glamour, upmarket hotels — and will increase a room's luxury. They will give the illusion of higher ceilings. Match them to the style of the rest of the décor, so choose more sheer, lightweight fabrics for coastal homes. You don't have to go for the ceiling-to-floor look — but then think about updating your existing curtains, blinds etc., to something more modern. A few suggestions are roman blinds, window shutters and sheer white curtains. While custom window treatments may be a little pricey, they will make a substantial difference to the feeling of a room.

2. Get creative with styling

Take care when arranging items on bookshelves and end tables. By keeping books, vases, knickknacks organised, your home will start to look like a magazine photo shoot. Fresh flowers are always a welcome addition. A few more tips:

3. Brighten up your Lighting

To instantly lift the ambiance of a room, replace an old, tired light fixture with something more extravagant. It’s a job you can do yourself. Here are a few more projects to try:

  • turn your lighting into a statement by embellishing the area surrounding the light fixture with a polyurethane ceiling medallion. Available in various sizes, you can paint them any colour you wish
  • install dimmer switches, especially in the dining room or bedrooms. Instantly gives an upscale restaurant vibe to any room. Most common is the rotary dimmer switch. As you turn the knob, the intensity of the light changes

4. Enhance your Front Entry

As the first impression of your home — make sure your entrance is warm, inviting and sets a high standard. Investing a little time & effort in this area will greatly increase your property’s kerb value. Consider:

  • replacing your front door with a new modern version. Or even painting your existing door will make a difference. Choose a fresh coat of paint in a bold colour that contrasts with the rest of the exterior
  • add plants in classy pots on either side of your front door to create symmetry and a grander entryway

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