Popular Bed Sheets for Spring

Author: Manchester Collection  Date Posted:14 October 2022 

It's time to switch out your heavy winter bedding for something lighter and fresher! Check out our roundup of the most popular bed sheets for spring.

Usually, around the time September comes around, the weather becomes more beautiful, the days are longer, and flowers start blooming. In other words, springtime is coming. The season of beautiful weather and colours is beloved by many and is often seen as a time to refresh.

But while most people are concerned about refreshing their wardrobe for spring, they should also think about refreshing their bedding, or to be more precise, their sheets. Spring bed sheets can make a huge difference, and if you choose the right ones, you will transform your entire bedroom.


Best materials for spring

When we say spring bed sheets, we’re not just talking about sheets with bright colours and flowery designs. A good sheet for warmer temperatures is made out of special materials that allow you to stay cool and comfortable throughout the night.



Made from a tall grassy plant, bamboo fabric is commonly found in high-quality sheets. Not only is it an eco-friendly solution but sheets made out of bamboo also have a plethora of other benefits. 

If you opt for bamboo sheets, you can expect them to have the following characteristics:

  • Incredibly soft. The way the fibres are woven together during the production of bamboo sheets makes the fabric soft, regardless of the thread count.
  • Hypoallergenic properties. Bamboo also has natural anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties. If you suffer from any allergies, asthma, or have sensitive skin, bamboo sheets will be your best friend during springtime.
  • Durability. Since bamboo sheets are made out of a fibre that is naturally longer, they’re more durable than most other types of sheets and are less likely to tear or pill after prolonged usage.

Odour repelling properties. Finally, bamboo has the ability to absorb and release moisture, which makes sheets made out of bamboo naturally odour-repellent.


Egyptian cotton

For most people, when they hear Egyptian cotton, they usually think of a high price tag. And while it’s true that Egyptian cotton sheets are on the more expensive side, the price is more than worth it when you take into account the luxury you experience with these sheets.

With Egyptian cotton sheets, you get:

  • Higher thread count. High-quality sheets come with a higher thread count, and Egyptian cotton sheets rarely come with a thread count that’s lower than 400 thread count . A high thread count also means your sheets will be really soft. 
  • Long staples. To describe how long cotton fibres are we use the word staples. The longer the staples, the more durable the fibres. Thanks to these long staples, Egyptian cotton sheets are softer, more luxurious, and they don’t pile.
  • Durability. Egyptian cotton sheets are made to last thanks to the tight weave of the fibres. As long as you maintain them properly, they will last for years. This also means that you can consider these sheets to be a great investment.
  • Breathability. You won’t lose sleep due to the heat with Egyptian cotton sheets. Bedding made out of this material allows the air to flow through seamlessly and leaves you cool.



Made from fibres of flax plant stems, linen is a very popular fabric not just for spring bed sheets but also for spring clothes.

With linen sheets, you will get:

  • Softness. Linen is a material that is very soft and even becomes softer with every wash if you know how to maintain it properly.
  • Health benefits. If you have sensitive skin, linen bed sheets are perfect for you because they’re hypoallergenic and bacteria-resistant.
  • Sustainability and durability. Just like the previous two fabrics on our list, linen is a very durable material. As long as you maintain it properly, you will have your linen sheets for years to come.


Best designs for spring

Spring is the perfect season for new beginnings and renewals, which means it’s also a great chance to bring spring designs into your bedroom and your sheets.

You probably already know about the age-old advice of adding flowery motifs and bright natural colours into your spring décor, but you can always think bigger than that.

Don’t be afraid to step out of the box and find some design elements that work great while transitioning from winter to spring. For example, this can be deeper colours and earthy hues or perhaps colours that go above and beyond like pink. Feel free to realize what spring means to you.

However, if you want that classic spring look, lighter and more neutral sheets are a perfect choice. They make your bedroom look a bit crisper while also making it seem larger and more inviting.


5 best bed sheets for spring

When you’re out shopping for spring bed sheets, you should think about two things: 

  • What material you’re looking for
  • What design will fit into your room best

Our advice is to start from the material as it will help you narrow down your choices much quicker. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best sheets for each of the top three spring bed sheets materials.


Egyptian cotton

As we already mentioned, Egyptian cotton is the most luxurious material used in sheet production, and if you want to give your bed the makeover of your dreams, these sheets could help.

Bespoke 1200TC Fitted Sheet Linen Super Queen Bed

Fitted sheet set

Starting off with the beautiful 1200 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, this white-coloured bedding will give your bed the refresher you’ve been waiting for. The elegant stripes are eye-catching yet the colour is subtle and light, just like the gentle breeze outside of your bedroom window.


Bespoke 1200TC Fitted Sheet Navy King Bed

Navy king bed sheet

If you want a similar sheet but with a bigger “wow factor”, this might just be the sheet for you. It has the same thread count and design as the previous sheet on our list, but with a much deeper and darker colour.

While navy blue might seem like a winter colour to some, it’s perfect for those who want to celebrate spring but aren’t a big fan of white, pink, and yellow bedding.



With a silky smooth finish and thermo-regulating properties, bamboo is one of the ideal materials for spring. And if you have your heart set out on bamboo sheets, here are some of the best choices.

Bamboo Ivory Sheet set King

Bamboo sheet set with pillow

With a luxurious bamboo construction and a silky smooth finish, this sheet set will transform your bed into an oasis of comfort and bright colours that are perfect for spring. You can get it in all sizes and use it year-round thanks to its thermo-regulating properties.


Bamboo Linen Sheet set Queen

Bamboo linen sheet set

If you want a bamboo sheet set that is light and soft but isn’t made in the typical white or ivory colour, this sheet set would be a great addition to your bedroom. Its colour is soft and mild but at the same time interesting and unique enough to draw your eye straight to a beautifully made bed.



Finally, we’ve reached the lightweight fabric everyone is after during springtime, which is linen. Sustainable, durable, and hypoallergenic, linen bed sheets would be a perfect addition to any bedroom, regardless of your preferences.

400 Thread Count Fitted Sheet Linen

400 thread count fitted sheet linen - Manchester Collection

Don’t let the seemingly low thread count fool you, this linen fitted sheet is one of the softest sheets you will probably ever own. As we mentioned, linen is a naturally soft material and very durable, so if you take care of it properly, you will have this beautiful sheet forever.


Let’s spring together

Before you rush through all of your spring cleaning, take a moment to sit and think about what changes you could make to your bedroom to make it feel more like springtime. And while you can always add plants, decorations, and various spring motifs, don’t forget the bed is the centre of the bedroom.

This is why, if you truly want to emulate spring, new beginnings, and beautiful weather, you need to find yourself a good pair of spring bed sheets. The ones we talked about here are perfect for any bedroom, but you can always browse through our website and find bed sheets that will fit your particular style.


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