5 Best Cooling Sheets

Author: Manchester Collection  Date Posted:4 November 2022 

Looking for the best cooling sheets to keep you cool all night long? Our top 5 picks are sure to help you sleep better.

A hot summer night where it’s impossible to fall asleep because of the heat can be downright frustrating. You can try flipping your pillow back and forth to the cool side, turning the air conditioner on and off and still be very tired in the morning. However, having cooling sheets to get you through the summer can make all the difference.

Cooling materials are an excellent investment, considering we spend 26 years sleeping in our lifetime on average. Sheets that are not quite breathable can make the overheating problem worse. This article lists the benefits of cooling sheets, explains how to choose them, and includes many more tips that will help you pick the best cooling sheets.


Benefits of cooling sheets

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When we fall asleep, our body and its functions slow down, so our body temperature drops one to two degrees. Cooling sheets are better for our health and the most comfortable during the night heat and here is why:

●      They support our weight management.

●      They are optimal for our natural temperature cycles.

●      They prevent nightly sweats.

●      They will help you look young. 

When we fall asleep, our bodies release human growth hormone, and the stress chemical (cortisol) decreases. Human growth hormone helps the muscles to repair, and we also burn calories while resting. Cooling sheets help you sleep all night and support the decrease of cortisol, helping to regulate your appetite throughout the day. 

This way, you are less likely to have sugar cravings. And if you still need the answer to a question Do cooling sheets work, take a look at our guide on that topic.

During the day, the human body temperature changes. We have the lowest temperature in the mornings and the warmest in the evening because we spend most of our day moving around and raising our internal temperature. When you use cooling sheets, your body cools down at night, and your natural temperature cycle stays optimal.

Night sweats can be unpleasant and disrupt normal sleep, leaving you dizzy and dehydrated in the morning. Also, sweating on your bed sheets makes you wash and change them every day, so preventing night sweats with cooling sheets is the perfect solution.


Why do cold sheets feel good?

Scientists say a colder room is better for sleeping since it helps us fall and stay asleep. Feeling cold and tired go hand in hand because, with cooling sheets, we encourage cooling our temperature and releasing melatonin. Therefore, we are not restless and don’t need to toss and turn to calm down, so falling asleep is much easier.


What to consider when buying cooling sheets?

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When buying a cooling sheet for your bedroom, you should consider the same criteria as when buying standard sheets. Bear in mind that marketing can be quite misleading sometimes, and a higher price doesn’t always mean that the sheet is better.

Carefully read a label on the sheet and ask relevant questions about the material, thread count and other important stuff that can help you make the right choice.



Material is the number one factor in choosing the cooling sheet. Sheets made from natural fibres, like linen and cotton are the best for people who sweat while asleep.



The weave affects the breathability, the feel of a sheet, and also its appearance. Sateen and percale are the most common weaves because they allow the air to flow.


Pocket depth

Pocket depth is crucial if you want your fitted sheet to stay in its place throughout the night. You should measure your mattress all the way from top to bottom and include a mattress topper in the measurement. If your mattress is more than 12 inches deep, you should look for deep pocket sheets.


Thread count

Thread count is the number of horizontal and vertical threads in one square inch of the sheet. When you shop for cooling sheets, a higher thread count is not always better, no matter what advertisements tell you. A higher thread creates a heavier fabric that can restrict moisture transfer or airflow. 

Manufacturers who make lower-quality sheets can increase thread counts by twisting yarns together, and increased thread like this doesn’t add anything to the quality of the sheet. Even though thread count is a meaningful thing to look for, it’s not the only sign that the sheet is high quality.


Return policy

Some brands offer a free trial period, and you can return the sheet if you feel it is not quite for you. The trial period can last for a month or even 100 days, and you can get a refund if you return it during that period.



Cooling sheets have many different types, as well as many different prices. There are budget-friendly sheets that you can find under $50, but also some luxury premium sets that cost more than $500. Pricey sheets can be too expensive for some people, but they last longer and are a long-term investment.



The feel of cooling sheets has to do with their temperature and texture. They can be soft or rough, depending on the material. Linen sheets are frequently heavier, but they become flexible the more you use them, while sateen sheets are smoother.


Design, colour, and pattern

Depending on your bedroom style, colour, design and sheet pattern are necessary factors to consider when buying a cooling sheet. Most cooling sheets come in different neutral colours, but there are fewer options for patterns and vibrant colours.



Breathability is crucial when buying a sheet set, especially for cooling sheets. Breathable sheets allow the cool air to enter the fabric and the hot air to exit. The air circulation maintains a constant temperature throughout the summer nights.



When you buy a new cooling sheet, you want one that lasts. Some sheets are durable because of the high-quality material that endures the washing and even becomes more soft and comfortable over time. The less durable ones can rip or thin over time, and you must change them more frequently.


Ease of care

It is advisable to wash the sheets once a week to keep them fresh and clean. Without the proper wash, you can have odours and stains all over them. Most cooling sheets are machine washable and durable.


What material is best for cooling bed sheets?

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As noted above, the material is crucial to cooling sheets' performance. Some materials are used more frequently than others, and here you have the most common options, explained in detail. 



Manufacturers use bamboo for many fabrics, like viscose, linen, rayon and lyocell. It's a sustainable material, and the sheets made of it are soft, cool, durable and breathable.



Linen is popular in regions where the weather is warm, but it's also excellent for cooler climates. It can regulate temperature successfully, and in the summer, linen sheets are very breathable with much airflow. Also, linen sheets are great for cold weather because of their heaviness.


Egyptian cotton

Egyptian cotton is often a synonym for luxurious sheets. Traditionally, Egyptian cotton has exceptionally long fibres, which means that the material is breathable and smooth, resisting fraying and pilling, and it becomes softer the more you wash it. It is also moisture-wicking, so it’s best for hot sleepers.


Supima cotton

Supima cotton has similar benefits to Egyptian cotton. It is breathable, durable, and moisture-wicking with a smooth feel. It has long staples, and Supima cotton sheets are cheaper than Egyptian cotton, so people tend to buy it more often.



Silk cooling sheets are known for their smooth, luxurious texture and unique shine. Manufacturers make silk from cocoons of larvae, so silk is a natural fibre. 

This material is a fantastic option for people who overheat through the night, keeping you cool in spring and summer, but also keeping you warm in the winter. Silk is a light soft material but also strong and durable, soaking moisture efficiently.



Tencel is a material similar to lyocell and modal fibre, made of sustainable wood. Sheets made of it have a soft touch like silk, and this material is popular because it absorbs moisture well, it is breathable and cool to the touch.



Flannel is a material made from wool, cotton and synthetic fibre. Flannel is not so typical for cooling sheets because it has that warm, cosy feeling, but many sheets from wool or cotton are breathable and absorb moisture. Because of that, flannel prevents overheating during summer nights.



Microfiber is a material popular for sheets because of its softness, shine and lightness. It is a synthetic material, easy to wash and maintain, and affordable. However, microfiber doesn’t have as much airflow as natural materials, so it doesn’t prevent overheating on summer nights.


What type of weave is good for cooling sheets?

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The way the fabric is woven affects its breathability, texture, the way it absorbs moisture, and more. Some weaves are more acceptable for cooling sheets than others.



Percale is a simple weave that has a pattern of one thread over and one thread under. This pattern provides a crispy feeling. Sheets with percale weave are usually suitable for cooling because percale is lightweight, durable and breathable.



Jersey weave is knit, and it is a soft, stretchy fabric which is similar to a t-shirt. It is not as durable as others, but it is practical for temperature changes, cool in warm weather and warm when the temperature drops.



A sateen weave has a pattern of four threads over and one under. It consists of cotton, lyocell, and rayon fibres. Sheets that have a sateen weave are smooth and shiny. However, they are less breathable than percale.



Satin weave has a pattern of one over and four threads under. It is made of polyester, silk or nylon. These sheets are smooth, light, cool and shiny. Satin sheets stay cool in the summer heat and warm when the temperature drops, but this mostly depends on the fibre.


What thread count to choose?

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Thread count is the total number of threads in fabric per square inch. The higher the thread count, the softer and more durable the material. Because of this, many shoppers think that a higher thread count equals more quality. But this is not always the case.

When you shop for a cooling sheet, you should beware of thread counts over 600. Manufacturers sometimes raise thread count without improving the sheet quality.

The best thread count for the sheet often depends on the fabric type. For example, cotton has the optimal range of 400-700 thread count, but the sheets with above 300 thread count are not that light and breathable like sheets with a lower thread count. When you search for a sheet that will keep you cool at night, keep in mind a 300 thread count has all the softness and breathability you need.

It’s very similar when it comes to other cooling sheets materials. There can always be higher thread counts, but bamboo and Tencel cooling sheets, for example, are best with a 300 thread count.

Linen sheets, however, are different. Since linen is thicker, its thread counts are much lower. Optimally, linen cooling sheets are better with an 80-120 thread count. Also, they are often listed by weight, so instead of thread count, search for a linen sheet set between 175-190g per square meter.


Should you buy cooling sheets?

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Cooling sheets are vital for people that overheat throughout the night. However, not everyone uses them throughout the year. People prefer to use cooling sheets just during spring and summer, and have a warmer option for the winter.

Cooling sheets are enjoyable for anyone, but you should definitely consider buying them if you:

●      Live somewhere warm. In hot climates, cooling sheets are crucial in keeping you comfortable and rested at night. With cooling sheets, you probably don’t need to turn on the air conditioner or fan during the night.

●      Are a hot sleeper. Some people tend to overheat at night all year long, so sheets that absorb moisture and are breathable are the perfect solution.

●      Sweat at night. Cooling sheets soak the sweat, so they won’t leave sleepers in a pool of sweat in the morning.

●      Are a couple with different preferences. Cooling sheets are great for couples who prefer different temperatures at night. One partner can use the extra blanket if they’re cold at night, and the other will use a cooling sheet to stop overheating.


5 best cooling sheets for your bed

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As you spend a third of your life in bed, you should invest in the best possible sheets to be comfortable, relaxed, and rejuvenated while sleeping. Luxury bed sheets are an investment rather than an indulgence. 

Here are the top five cooling sheets you can buy for your bedroom and enjoy the night without tossing, turning and sweating.


Egyptian cotton sheets

Egyptian cotton sheets are a mixture of luxury and comfort, setting a gold standard and the highest quality you can buy. They usually have a very high thread count and are remarkably durable, smooth and soft. Egyptian cotton sheets are woven from the best fibres and are best suitable for large mattresses.


Bamboo sheets

Next to Egyptian cotton, bamboo bed sheets are an excellent option if you’re looking for high-quality cooling sheets. Bamboo sheets provide exceptional airflow, and even pure cotton sheets cannot compare to bamboo sheets' softness and comforting feel. 

Also, bamboo is an eco-friendly fabric that is hypoallergenic. It has a silky smooth finish, and its thermoregulating features make it suitable for all seasons.


Jersey sheets

Jersey sheets have that comfort and familiarity as your favourite t-shirt. This fabric made of cotton has a flexible structure, moving with your body but still staying on the mattress. 


Satin sheets

Beautiful satin sheets are a synonym for luxury and are easy to maintain. Owning a satin cooling sheet gives you a soft silky feeling without being too pricey. You can enjoy the ultimate comfort if you use satin sheets all year long without the risk of overheating. 


Linen sheets

Great linen sheets are very high quality. Both flat and fitted linen sheets will absorb moisture, allowing your body to breathe during the night. With soft fabric, your muscles will relax. Linen sheets are hypoallergenic and they dry fast in the morning. You can wash them as frequently as you need because they are softer after each wash.


Give yourself a good night’s sleep with a cooling sheet

In conclusion, a good night's sleep is vital for our overall health and well-being. Not only does it help us to recover from the day's activities, but it also allows our brains to rest and rejuvenate. By creating a sleep-friendly environment, we can improve our chances of getting enough rest throughout the night, and a cooling sheet can help you get there.

Whether you suffer from hot flashes or night sweats, have trouble sleeping in a warm environment, or just want to sleep more comfortably, a cooling sheet can give you the rest you need.

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