Best Linens For A Minimalist Bedroom

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The minimalist lifestyle is becoming more and more attractive. It’s about purchasing quality items that will stand the test of time in terms of both quality and style. Low on clutter, it’s the perfect bedroom style as it naturally exudes a calming atmosphere. Make sure you’re very thoughtful with your styling, though. With minimalism being low on clutter, there’s nowhere to hide. We’re going to take you through some premium quality linens and show you how they’ll suit a minimalist bedroom. These quilt covers have been selected for their versatile design and superior durability. As well as being the ultimate blank canvas, for which you can build up a bedroom style.

1. Industrial Minimalism

It’s the cliché type of minimalism we usually think of. It will suit well if you have a sleek and modern home. Think lots of chrome, concrete, black accents and dark neutrals. Believe it or not, it’s a very calming style for a bedroom — as you remove all other distractions from the room. Layer varying tones of grey to create depth and more interest. To counteract the starkness, think of using materials like linen in your bedding. Our Soho quilt cover range is deceptively simple and thus will work well with a variety of styles. The lustre of the fabric helps to enhance that industrial cool.

cotton Soho quilt cover - industrial styleCotton quilt cover with hidden zip construction

2. Dreamy Minimalism

Do you dream of falling asleep in the clouds? An all-white bedroom is on the right track. Keep the room sparsely furnished with very select pieces. This will force you to be organised with your storage space and make your room appear larger — resulting in restful sleep. While a little pricey, a canopy bed will reinforce the ethereal feel and create a striking feature in the room. Wood and white are a perfect combo. When decorating with wood, try to keep it all in the same shade. We suggest styling with classic white quilt covers. Or, if you're feeling particularly romantic, a blush pink quilt cover may also do the trick.

Soho white quilt cover on a bed and coffee table next to itPink quilt cover on a bed

3. Zen Retreat

Create a bedroom that's a tranquil resting place, somewhere you can't wait to enter every night and relax from the stresses of life. Quilt covers in white and beige, without patterns or prints, are recommended. Be inspired by Swedish saunas and luxury spa retreats — and introduce lots of wood details. See it as the more wood and white, the higher your possibility for relaxation. Usually, you can even skip the headboard. 

linen quilt cover in silver

Soho linen quilt cover in beige

4. Bursts Of Colour

Who said minimalism has to mean white? It definitely doesn't. In fact, having a neutral foundation gives you the freedom to play around with bold graphics and prints. Add with rugs and artwork. If bright colour is what you're after, pick just one shade you like and style all other pieces around it. For something a little more quirky, you can incorporate colour with wallpaper. An elegant way to brighten your room is through simple bedding. Here are a few options to get you started.

forest green quilt cover on a bed - Manchester CollectionRust quilt cover set - Manchester collection

navy quilt coverYellow quilt cover set - Manchester Collection

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