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BBQs outside and hot summer days by the pool — it’s very Australian and reflects our lucky lifestyle of casual outdoor living. Our interiors should express this blend of indoor-outdoor living and enhance it. Whether our home is near the coast or not, the coastal style suits perfectly — with its emphasis on comfort, ease and natural materials. As with any interior style, the rules are continually evolving — so make sure to personalise to your preferences and needs. However, the main inspirations for coastal style always remain the same. The décor is a reflection of surf, sun and sand. If you keep these references in mind when selecting your interior pieces, you’ll be on the right track. Let's talk about a few different directions you can take the coastal style in your living room.

1. Light & Airy

It's all about creating a relaxed vibe. The living room is a focal point, so it needs to be functional and work seamlessly with the rest of the home. Try to incorporate as much white furniture as possible in the space, and offset the predominant white with stylish timber accents. Take inspiration from the white foam of the waves, and create a room that breathes easily. Using linen as the textile of choice for your couch, armchairs, etc., will increase the room's calming feel. Create interest with statement wood pieces that are sculptural in design and harken back to driftwood that's washed up on beaches. And be sure to add a large room rug for barefoot living.

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2. Rustic Coastal

The even more relaxed and comfortable branch of coastal style. No pomp or pretensions here. Make the living room as comfortable for you and your family as possible. Strong focus on natural materials. Rattan and wick make several appearances and bonus points if you can include wicker armchairs. Fans of cushions, throws and blankets rejoice — the more, the merrier. Choose fringed throws and cushions in exciting textures. Nothing says beach house more than wood cladding on interior walls. If you're ready for a more permanent styling detail, it's something to consider.

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3. Bohemian Living

Picture yourself walking around in a maxi dress, barefoot with flowers in your hair. If the neutral colour scheme is not for you, think about creating a more boho beach vibe. It's your chance to clash bold colours and patterns with each other. Perhaps you've got souvenir antiques from all the places you've visited — display them. Vibrant colours can lift the mood, so having them adorn your living room may work well. Choose couches that are low to the ground, and a rug is essential. Coffee tables with striking patterns or mosaic tiling could also work. When selecting textiles, pick throws and cushions with fringe, crochet and macramé for maximum affect.

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4. Bright Colour Scheme

A lover of colour? Pick one tone to go with and style the room around it. Either take your inspiration from the blue of the ocean or the sunshine. In Australia, the blue is usually of a more muted variety, like a grey-blue. But, as always, go with what you like. The sunkissed scheme includes red, yellow and terracotta that exude warmth just by looking at them. Be inspired by corals, their colours and shapes. Take a look at this living room below that features a coral-shaped chandelier.

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