Get Ready for Summer in the Bedroom

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Summer is upon us, and with it the hot nights and sweaty mornings we’ve come to dread. It’s definitely time to break out the summer bedding — gone are the fleece bedsheets and thick doonas, in with the thin sheets and summer blankets.

One of the biggest headaches of switching seasonal bedding is finding out you need to replace something. Maybe there was a tear you didn’t notice? Or you tucked something away in the cupboard as “next season”’s problem, and now you have to deal with it? 

Or, maybe it’s time to revitalise your summer set with some fresh sheets and doonas?

Whatever the case, now’s the best time to look into getting some new summer bedding for your home. We’ve put together this guide of some of our favourite picks to keep you cool this summer.

What to look for in summer bedding

Before we begin, we want to ask; what makes good summer bedding?

As a general rule, summer bedding should be:

  • Lightweight, so as not to provide too much heat.
  • Insulating, to keep you as cool as possible.
  • Absorbent, so you don’t wake up in pools of sweat.
  • Luxurious, because nobody wants to sleep in an uncomfortable mess.

These were the main criteria we considered when compiling this list for your consideration.

Summer cotton quilts

Our lightweight summer cotton quilt is the perfect addition to your summer bedding. 

Cotton is an ideal material for summer doonas. It’s the only natural fibre which absorbs moisture from your body. This makes sleeping much more comfortable in the heat — protecting you from the humidity and your own body sweat.

Cotton is also a very breathable material. You can sleep under the doona with a light fan on and not feel like you’re melting into your bed.

And, of course, it’s incredibly soft and comfortable. What more could you want from a doona?

The perfect summer quilt covers

We have two suggestions for the perfect summer quilt cover:

The Chunky Waffle set is as comforting as its name is funky. Made from 100% cotton, it features all of the same cotton benefits we listed when talking about the quilt up above. The waffle design is slightly heavier than your typical quilt cover, providing a bit extra warmth, but still very breathable.

This quilt cover set is for the minimalists out there - with a completely clean, white, textured design. You can easily match this with a range of colours to create bold statements or subtle, calmer looks.

Beige, brown, or black shades will really stand out with this set.

We’ve written before about the joys of linen over other bedding materials. It’s insulating, lightweight, and very comfortable. Our range of colours are perfectly suited for a calm, relaxed summer feel — the perfect aesthetic to laze about during the holidays, or after a busy day in the heat.

Whichever you choose, you’re guaranteed a cool, relaxing night’s sleep in the summer heat.

Summer bedsheets to keep you cool

Once again we're recommending linen as the fabric of choice this summer.

We really cannot stress enough how much we love linen fabric. It’s a perfect all-round material that insulates you while you sleep. Cool in summer, warm in winter — with a good set of linen bedsheets, you don’t need to worry about switching every season.

Our linen bedding is made of the highest quality 100% natural linen fabric. It’s been stone-washed for a gorgeous relaxed look and soft feel on the skin.

Linen is also perfect for environmentally-conscious buyers, or those with allergies. Flax, the plant from which linen is derived, only requires rainwater to grow. Linen fabric is also hypoallergenic, perfect for those worried about summer allergies.

Bring it all together with a cotton throw

Whether you want to protect your bedding and furniture or just want to add a bit of texture, you can’t go past a good cotton throw.

Cotton throws are machine washable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing — a perfect trifecta when redesigning your bedroom. Use it to offset the colour of your sheets, provide an extra layer of texture to your design, or simple have something thicker than a sheet to throw over you.

And the best part is, throws look best messy. Where other bedding commands cleanliness and neat folding, a throw is best used casually left about — hence the name!

Don’t swelter in the heat this summer. Revitalise your bedroom with a new collection of summer bedding. Stay cool, stay dry, and stay comfortable with a cotton quilt; insulated and allergy-free with linen sheets; and classy with a classic throw to really finish off the style.

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