Summer Quilts and Doonas

When the weather heats up, the quilts often quickly disappear. But it doesn’t have to be this way with summer quits from Manchester Collection.

The perfect summer quilt should be lightweight and breathable, offering comfort at night without working up a sweat. Our hypoallergenic cotton summer quilts are lightweight and filled with pure cotton, keeping you cool and insulated through the night. Even when the heat does pick up, these quilts are designed to naturally wick away liquid leaving you comfortable and dry.

Comfort, beauty and class have never come in a better fashion than sleeping with Sleepvales Cotton Lightweight Summer Quilt. These quilts are encased in luxurious 100% Cotton Cover and filled with 100% quality cotton (with unique properties suitable for Australian Summers). With these, you’ll stay cool and comfortable all summer long.

Keeping the weight down helps summer quilts not smother you and trap heat. The all natural fibres are breathable, allowing you to stay insulated and not overheat. And most conveniently of all, they’re machine washable for hassle-free maintenance.

Cotton Summer Quilts and Doonas

Why is cotton so good for summer quilts? Cotton is the only natural fibre which absorbs moisture from your body during humid weather. This helps to put you in a relaxed state and not wake up feeling like a sticky mess first thing in the morning.

To really bring this cotton quilt to life, pair it with a stylish quilt cover set from our extensive range. Whatever size, colour or style you desire, you’ll find a quilt cover set in Manchester Collection to suit.This cotton quilt cover remains the top choice for you. It is time to move things to a new league this summer, so place an order for cotton quilt today!