Reed Diffusers

Each of our reed diffusers comes with perfume, bottle, and reeds. Bottles can potentially be re-used to store new fragrances, but the reeds themselves will need to be changed after use.

Reed diffusers work by absorbing perfume from the bottle and over-saturating themselves. Once this occurs, the gentle aroma molecules begin to disperse into the air. You could leave the opened bottle out in a room and also achieve a result. However, trying to do it this way will result in a harsher fragrance and a shorter lifespan.

By absorbing and radiating the smells from the perfume, the reeds help disperse a gentle scent for months to come.

Reed diffusers should be stored in a cool, dry place. Humidity will result in the reeds becoming too full of water to properly diffuse the scent, and will not be as effective. Too high a temperature, or again too much humidity, and the perfume will also evaporate more quickly.

The simple, elegant design of the reed diffusers from Bellevue Living make them neat display pieces throughout a home. They can be set on a dining table to create an ambience in the dining room, or on a bookshelf to waft gently through a living room. Placing reed diffusers in the bedroom is safe, and can provide a relaxing, elevated mood that aids in a restful night’s sleep.

Please enjoy Manchester Collection’s range of Bellevue Living reed diffusers, and may you enjoy the pleasant fragrances for many months to come.