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How to Use Throw Rugs

Stylish Accessories

Refresh or enhance your home interior with the addition of a new element of colour and texture to your room. Whether in the bedroom or lounge our Throw Rug options provide endless possibilities. Need to revive an old armchair or refresh your bedding? Throws Rugs are a great way to invigorate a living space and add layering and depth to your home décor for a more sumptuous feel. There are many reasons to add this desirable home accessory to your home. Fold and drape your Throw Rug in a number of different ways to achieve versatile effects throughout your home, cascade the throw loosely over the back of a chair for a casual relaxed look, fold on the arm of a sofa for a more sophisticated style or loosely drape spanning the foot of the bed.

Add Colour and Texture

Our exclusive ranges offer a plethora of colours and textures to choose from within our versatile ranges that will perfectly compliment and complete your lounge or bedroom decor. If it’s warmth and comfort you want then look no further than our cosy Brooklyn throw with a plush, silky smooth short hair for a conservative yet luxurious look and feel. For a relaxed, bohemian style texture our Ripple throws, available in 13 colour options, will effortlessly create a casual and natural atmosphere. If your home interior aesthetic is minimal and contemporary, then our Cotton Seedstitch range is just for you, with dense cotton in a simple timeless weave it adds subtle yet detailed texture to your couch or bed with over 9 colours to choose from. With a wide selection of colours to choose from, we’ve modern neutrals like linen and charcoal to more contemporary and unique colours to suit your personal flair like lemon, blush and mint, available to shop in our popular Herringbone throw collection.

Warmth and Comfort

Throw Rugs for your lounge and bedroom provide an easily reachable extra layer of warmth and comfort whilst adding a stylish finishing touch to complement your home interior. Ideal during winter for adding comfort to your home, our Plaza Throw Rug range with beautifully soft and luxurious long-hair design in a selection of shades is the perfect living accessory for providing eye-catching, stylish warmth on those chilly nights. Warm up a bed by adding a throw lengthwise across the end of the bed folded to create layers and depth for extra comfort and softness.


Great for families, Throw Rugs not only look pretty and keep you warm, they are also highly practical in protecting your bedding or sofa. Fold and strategically drape one on the arms of your sofa or couch to protect from everyday wear and tear, ideal for the modern family and those with pets to maintain the newness of your furniture for years to come. Snuggling up on the sofa with loved ones or simply relaxing after a long winter day, a Throw rug for your lounge can make the difference between a house and a cosy home.