Logan & Mason

Logan and Mason quilt cover range prides itself on bringing colour, style, and vibrancy into your home. The Logan and Mason line of quilt cover sets offered by Manchester Collection provide bold patterns and colours while still retaining a sense of style and class. From pastel floral bedsheets to elegant charcoal with white trim — and everything in between — Logan and Mason is a range that will greatly increase your bedroom design options. Quilt cover sets are the perfect way to redesign a room quickly. Keeping the same sheet sets and decorations already in the room, you can quickly swap out a quilt cover set to completely reimagine your sleeping space. Logan and Mason quilt covers are made of specialty cotton blends for comfort and affordability. Both there Ultima and Platnium quilt cover sets are made of easy to care for, comfortable cottony polyester blends. They often feature percale weaves for a sumptuous feel and texture that will provide the perfect environment to fall asleep. The natural properties of cotton will keep you cool and dry at night, and are low-non allergenic.