What’s A Fitted Sheet?

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We all wish for that elusive perfect night's sleep. But unexpectedly end up wrestling with our bedding or getting tangled up in our own blankets. Fitted sheets are here to help. They're an incredible invention that ensures your bedding remains smooth and crisp. Fitted sheets are bed sheets with specially designed elasticated hemming around the edge and corner seams. Ensuring your bed sheet fits tightly and perfectly on top of your mattress. Usually, they're the final sheet on your mattress and the one your body touches. Whatever you're preference —whether you like lots of pillows, blankets, or prefer stark bedding —it's beneficial to have a smooth foundation to build on. Let's have a look at the key advantages of fitted sheets.

Easy To Take Off & Put On

The elasticated hem of fitted sheets makes it convenient and easy to take off and put on your mattress. It's a quick process that results in a tidy look every time. To remove a fitted sheet from your bed, simply hold down one ofthe corners and begin to loosen.

Looks After Your Mattress

Most mattresses are pricey investment pieces. So we'd obviously like to protect them as much as possible. With a little care, a quality mattress can last up to 10-12 years. Here's where a fitted sheet works well —it protects your mattress from stains and everyday wear & tear as it acts as a cover layer. For added protection, you can even add a mattress protector between your fitted sheet and mattress —and marvel at how spotless your mattress remains underneath.

Perfect Fit

Finally, no wrinkles and crinkles on your bed sheets! The elasticated hem and corner seams guarantee a tight fit. You're left with a smooth and crisp surface ideal for sleep. Just take care to ensure your fitted sheet is the correct size for your mattress —by making sure to take proper measurements before buying.

Care Tips For Your Fitted Sheets

We always want to help your bedding last longer —so here are some simple tips. And you're in luckit’s quite easy, as sheets aren't very high maintenance compared to other more delicate laundry items.

  • Try to clean sheets at least weekly. That way, any dirt, body oils & sweat will not have time to build up in the fabric.
  • Pre-soak your sheets for any heavy stains.
  • Separately wash your sheets. Lint from towels or wool socks can quickly gather onto your sheets, so best to avoid.
  • For a super crisp bed, take your sheets out a little before the drying cycle is over. Then iron them while they're still slightly damp. It will ensure wrinkle-free sheets.

Lastly, a crucial reminder! When choosing fitted sheets, check your mattress's size (length & width) and thickness. It's vital! If your sheets have been riding up the sides and not fitting correctly, they're likely too small. Luckily our collections of fitted sheets are designed to accommodate high mattresses (up to 40cm). And our deep fitted sheets provide even greater coverage with 50cm walls.

Fancy some fitted sheets of your own? Get inspired with our premium quality range.


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