Styling Your Bedroom With Quilt Covers

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Black tones in your bedroom seem intimidating at first — but may be perfect for a good night’s sleep. Black mimics the colour of night and darkness and, if styled correctly, will transform your bedroom into a calming oasis every night. Especially if the rest of your home features the popular neutral palette, a dark bedroom will be a welcome reprieve. Now, let's talk about a few simple ways to incorporate black into your bedroom.

1. Black + White

A classic never-go-wrong monochrome look will always succeed. Make the colour scheme of your entire bedroom only black & white, and watch what a strong styling statement this makes. To up the luxury factor, add pops of gold accents through lamps, mirrors, clocks. And if you’d like to be sumptuous and extravagant, work in some black leather, with an armchair. Only want to dip your toes into the black idea? Then decorate your neutral palette room with all-white bedding. And then accessorise with a black & white striped blanket or rug. Great assortment of black quilt covers avaliable here.


For a more contemporary look, choose your black & white palette, something like Plaza Quilt Covers.

Black and white quilt cover


If you have a white room, keep the white quilt covers also. Then style with black everything else — black bed frame, lamp, mirror, etc.

White quilt cover on a bed


2. Grey

Be subtle and very modern with a bedroom awash with grey tones. It’s a good colour scheme for a soothing and relaxed vibe. Focus predominantly on muted greys and inject black accents with — picture frames, mirrors, rugs etc. In this type of room, linen always suits. And here is our grey quilt covers collection.

Grey quilt cover on a grey bedGrey quilt cover - Manchester Collection

Amari quilt cover set in greygrey printed quilt cover


3. Navy

What’s another winning colour? Navy quilt covers, celebrated in many interior design circles. And it’s easy to see why. You can add navy into your room with chairs & pillows as well.

Navy quilt cover and pillows

navy quilt cover set


4. Go Wild With Prints

It's great when you have black as the foundation of a room. It gives you the freedom to play with prints & patterns in an unrestricted way. Try to pick printed quilt covers and combine them with the colour black— this will give the styling of your room a coherent look. Floral range can be useful too. Usually, black is super sleek and modern, while florals may seem old-fashioned — yet when combined, the contrast can be very contemporary. For a dark romance vibe, moody black walls lend themselves perfectly to a floral bedspread.

Printed quilt cover in black and whiteFloral quilt cover set

blush quilt cover set in floraltropical quilt cover print on a bed






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