What Size Tablecloth Do I Need?

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A tablecloth is thevital foundation from which you build the rest of your table setting. It’s fun to pick a style and colour for your table. But today, we’ll focus on how to choose what size tablecloth is best for your table. A well-proportioned, good fit when it comes to tablecloths will give your dining room a sleek and professional look. If the tablecloth is the wrong size, it can be an eyesore and the first thing people focus on when entering a room.

To work out what size tablecloth will work for you, it will help to follow these instructions.

Measure Your Table

Here is a method that will use the specific table in your home for which you'd like a tablecloth. Firstly you should measure your table. And the way to measure is different depending on the shape of your table. We’ll give you both the formula for calculating with a round table and a rectangular/square table.

Rectangular/SquareTable Formula
Table width + drop on side + drop on side = width of tablecloth
Table length + drop on side + drop on side = length of tablecloth

Round Table
Table Diameter + 2x(drop on side) = diameter of round tablecloth

Choosing Tablecloth Drop

What's the "drop on side"? It calculates how much the tablecloth overhangs on the sides. Measured from the edge of the table to the endof the cloth. Different occasions and settings call for different drops. So imagine what sort of mood you want to create in your room —relaxed or more formal. Or perhaps you need the tablecloth for a special occasion, so keep that in mind. Typically, a tablecloth for casual table settings should have a drop of 15-20cm. It's a good length because it won't restrict access to chairs or get tangled up in people's legs when they're sitting. While for a more formal event, the tablecloth drop is generally longer, starting from 38cm. A lengthier drape adds a sense of glamour and occasion to your setup. Also, consider the rest of the room's styling —making sure all pieces complement each other harmoniously. Lower drops suit a casual brunch. In contrast, longer drops are more appropriate for formal dinner parties and one-off events.

Not a fan of the measuring tape? No worries. The job of finding the correct tablecloth has been made even easier. With most tablecloths now available in a range of standardised sizes and styles —measuring your table isn't necessary. The tablecloths in our collections are for 6-8 chairs, 10-12 chairs and 12-14 chairs. And many other brands offer this also, growing the versatility of these pieces.


If you have a more uniquely shaped table and have trouble finding a tablecloth that fits, then we've got a few tips you can try. Other than, of course, having a custom tablecloth made from measurements. For super-wide tables, you can place table runners across the width, creating extra long napkin placements —a dramatic statement. Or you can style table runners lengthwise. In reality, there's plenty of room for experimentation.

For more inspiration, fancy taking a look at our range of table runners and tablecloths.


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