Bedspreads Queen Bed

Looking for bedspreads in Queen Bed

Bed spread is a general term given for an item of bedding meant to completely cover a bed. Bed spreads are generally thinner than a doona, made of lighter material, and can be placed over the top of a doona for style or extra warmth.

Manchester Collection’s Queen sized bed spreads are the perfect way to make your bed look tidy and presentable in seconds. Just throw over a bedspread and smooth it out, and you’ve got a made bed to be proud of. The best part is, when you come home after a long day, you have a presentable, made bed to fall into!

Manchester Collection’s bed spreads also serve to protect the doona and sheets beneath from dust and dirt that might build up during the day. You can extend the life of your bedding by keeping everything covered with a simple King size bed spread.

Want to remix your bedroom décor? Bed spreads are the perfect way to redesign the feel of a room without needing to buy entirely new sheet sets and decorations. Simply switch between one of Manchester Collection’s elegantly designed Queen Sized Bed Spreads and instantly feel like you’re in a new space.

Our Bellevue Living Queen Sized bed spreads are the perfect addition to add warmth in the cold winter months. In the hotter summer months, you can swap out a thick winter doona with a bed spread to remain cool during the night. Whatever time of year, and whatever you need to do with it, bed spreads are a welcome and versatile addition to any home!

Manchester Collection Queen sized bed spread sets come with one bed spread and two matching pillowcase covers to complete the look. Bed spreads also come in alternate sizes apart from Queen Bed, including Double, King and Single.