Resting your head at the end of every day, your pillowcases should provide exceptional comfort enhancing a good nights sleep.

At Manchester Collection, we understand the importance of a perfectly fitted pillowcase crafted with the highest quality fabrics and designs. Choose from our premium range of beautifully silky smooth 100% cotton pillowcases for the ultimate in relaxation and style. Our carefully selected fabrics, that are luxuriously comfortable yet durable, include Bellevue Living’s environmentally friendly washed vintage linen for a relaxed, soft and cool feel – perfect for summer or winter, Allura Linen Hotel’s 400 thread count for everyday comfort and durability to our 1000 thread count 100% highest quality cotton pillowcases by HoteLuxe for a luxurious look. 

Enjoy a versatile, neutral colour palette selection including classic whites and charcoal with sizes to suit all bedroom needs, from Standard Pillow Cases, European Pillow Cases, U-pillow, Queen Size Pillow Cases and King Size Pillow Cases. Choose from Pillowcases with matching duvet sets or accessorise your duvet with mix and match designs. Shop online or visit one of our Melbourne, Victoria stores for high quality at great value.