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Pillow Shapes and Sizes

Looking at the aesthetic perspective of your bed linen, the size of your bed will likely determine the size of pillows you choose. Our Queen size and King size pillowcases are wider in size to provide coverage of the bed size.

Everyone’s pillow preference is different, with some people finding one pillow is the perfect height remaining in pace through the night providing consistent support, where other people find two pillows provides better support, though these can slide beneath the weight and movement of your head. We additional offer more unusual pillow shapes like our U-shaped pillows that can aid the perfect night sleep.


Buy extra sets of pillowcases to rotate for freshness. Consider buying multiples and shop from our range of Sheet Sets, useful for rotating whilst washing, back-ups in case of damage and investment of quality. To ensure you always have fresh sheets, ideally, keep a set of three sheets for each bed with one set for use whilst one in the laundry and one in storage.

Classic White

Choose classic, crisp white bedding for a timeless bedroom decor that can be decorated in both a traditional and modern, hotel style. Matching white pillowcases and duvet sets provides the perfect coordinated, neutral backdrop for a good nights sleep whilst contrasting a white pillowcase with a patterned or coloured duvet set can balance and harmonise a busy design.

Coloured and Patterned Pillowcases

Showcase your individual style and personality by coordinating and contrasting your pillowcases with your duvet.  Mix and match colour and prints for a layered design aesthetic. The combinations are endless when it comes to pillows; depending on how many pillows you have too.

How to Care for your Pillowcases:

Maintain that clean, fresh, soft feel of your new pillowcases by following these washing and care top tips:


It’s always advisable to wash your new pillowcases before use, making sure that you check the product care label for specific washing and care requirements.

Once used, you should wash your pillowcases on a weekly basis in order to keep them fresh, clean, and in optimum condition. Always remove your pillowcases before washing and wash them separately from your pillows.

Many people find that, because their pillowcases come into frequent, direct contact with your skin and hair, they can become discoloured due to the retained residue. If this is the case, try working liquid soap into the pillowcase with a stiff brush in order to remove any residue. Vinegar can also help remove tougher stains.

 As with other clothing and bedding, wash whites, colours and prints separately to avoid any colour bleeding and discolouration.


It’s always best to line dry your pillowcases, turning them inside out to avoid any fading occurring. Alternatively, you can tumble dry on a low heat to help prevent any shrinkage.


Ironing pillowcases whilst they are still slightly damp help you to keep them crisp, fresh, and perfectly presented, while also keeping them sheets hygienic by killing any remaining germs and dust mites that might remain after washing.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a general guide; please always strictly follow product care instructions on the product.